Metal Roofing



Metal roofing is considered the first choice for many commercial applications and homes in climates with active weather. This material is fast becoming a favorite all across the Northwest. This stunning roofing product is available in a wide choice of colors and designs, giving you an exceptional look with emphasis on long term life and low maintenance.

Seattle Metal Roofing Specialists

Jorve has been a leader in the re-roof industry for years. We specialize in residential and commerical metal roofs. With a dedicated 2,500 square foot shop, we are the experts in this specialized type of roofing.

Your roof is probably the most critical system protecting your home from the harsh Pacific Northwest elements. At Jorve, we offer a complete selection of roofing materials and solutions. Click your cursor on the illustrations above to learn more about the advantages of each material.

Metal roofing is very lightweight and excellent at reflecting daytime heating from solar radiation. For both residential and commercial applications, metal roofing creates a stunning look to most building styles, while it is favored for use where fire protection is important and where you desire a material for the long term and is low maintenance.

Durable, lightweight, and considered a modern, green building material, metal roofing is composed of mainly aluminum and steel types. However, other materials such as copper and alloys are also used. We recommend standing seam applications for a stunning contemporary look to your home or commercial building. Jorve has specialize crews dedicated to installing metal roofing and the use of materials that specifically match the Seattle and Pacific Northwest climate.

The new owners of Jorve Roofing LLC specializes in providing quality metal roofing for repair work and new paneled roof construction while proudly serving the Seattle, Bellevue, Issaquah, and Bothell areas for over 25 years. You’ll want to talk to a Jorve expert to determine the best choice for your home and budget. Click here for a free 20-point roof inspection.

For your custom sheet and fabrication needs, Jorve offers a dedicated 2,500 square-foot modern production shop to provide quality roofing and gutter accessories, such as aluminum and steel panels, cupolas, copper gutters, chimney caps and more. Visit our custom sheet metal and fabrication solutions for Contractors, Homeowners and DIY projects.