605, 2011

Champion of Carpentry & Handyman Services

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Chad Champion is the foreman in our carpentry and handyman services division and we’re real happy to have him on our team. He loves to work and enjoys seeing a project through to its completion. Any project you can conjure Chad can do, so feel free to call him up for a hand.

Chad was born and raised in Seattle, but loves to get out into the country with his wife and family. When given the chance, Chad will break away to Mt. Adams in the winter for some snowmobiling.  Thanks for doing so much Chad!

1504, 2011

Stewart Lumber & Hardware: New Roof Meets Old-Fashioned Shop

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When our neighbor down the street, Stewart Lumber and Hardware, called us for a roof we were happy to come down and swing a hammer. We admire Stewart not only for their excellence in the industry, but also for their hometown values and 93 year history of service to the community. They’re a perfect example of your local hardware store combined with an immense amount of knowledge and personal care for their customer’s projects… a trait we hold dear at Jorve as well.

Stewart Lumber began in 1918 and was handed over to Bill’s grandfather in 1926. He added the hardware store and, two generations later, the same store is being run in nearly the same fashion. We love their “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” mentality and some of their old-fashioned systems of operation even more. For example, they still use a mechanical cash register rather than one of the newer computerized models. “Ding!” They also showed us an antique crimper they use in the back for duct work and the like. Swing by yourself and say “hello” sometime. Check them out for yourself and check out the new roof on the warehouse, too!

3003, 2011

One Man, Many Talents.

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That young man on the forklift is Jorve’s official Jack-of-all-trades: Ieng Uth. When asked what his position at Jorve is, Ieng replied, “That depends on what hat I’m wearing.”  A regular renaissance man, Ieng also studies Network Communications Management at Devry University; which means that at one moment he may be solving a mechanical problem on one of our trucks, then he’s on the forklift unloading a fresh batch of shingles, and back inside to help out with a computer problem.

When it comes to hobbies, Ieng loves the outdoors — whether that means being out on the beach for a long walk or with a shovel in hand to dig up some clams! With eight years strong at Jorve, we’d like to say thanks for contributing so many valuable skills to the team– Ieng, you are the man!

1803, 2011

Jorve’s Favorite Soccer Team = Sounders!

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Check out the video on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/#!/Jorve.Roofing

Jorve celebrated the opening game between our Seattle Sounders and the L.A. Galaxy for the 2011 MLS season opn Wednesday. It was rainy, but what else was to be expected here in the Emerald City. One of the tweets received throughout the day said something to the effect of “forecast for the game is rain, hope Beckham brought enough hair gel to hold!” — haha! We got a kick outta that one (no pun intended). A little rain wasn’t enough to stop some 36,433 fans from standing on their toes and screaming from the depths of their chests: “GO SOUNDERS!”

It was quite the fight,  but only the Galaxy were able to put one in the net, and when they did, the crowd roared with anger. Depsite the scoreboard, the match was awesome and it seemed that at any moment Seattle would slip one by the keeper. We look to be in good-form and Emeral City Supporters (ECS) have much to be excited for.  

Our fans are strong and they are loud; the conviction and vigor displayed throughout the game should be ample to support our favorite team, the home team, the Seattle Sounders. This season will be a true test of spirit and strength as the Portland Timbers have entered the MLS Division for the 2011 season. Tradition has shown that Sounders and Timbers may be neighbors, but on the pitch they are nothing less than foes. Fans from both sides are teaming with excitement for what could be the biggest rivalry in the MLS.

903, 2011

Tim is True Blue

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This is Tim Bowman, one of the exemplary members of the Jorve team. Tim has been our Project Manager for over 18 years; he knows everything about the jobs we perform and is the first person our crews or customers call with any questions. Extremely knowledgeable, organized, and helpful, Tim is one of a kind; for three years now, he been a volunteer for Washington German Shepherd Rescue and has fostered dogs at his home to give them a loving place to stay. On Sundays he helps the Humane Society to keep things clean and orderly at the kennels.  Tim believes in a bond that goes even beyond “man’s best friend” and he treats these dogs with an impressive degree of love and respect. Sometimes, when it’s sunny, Tim has a dog with him here at Jorve and will take several breaks throughout the day to walk and play with them so they aren’t left at home for too long. Tim’s amazing connection with these animals is a beautiful thing and we’re truly happy that he lends himself to their needs. Thank you Tim for your commitment and help here at Jorve, the animals you care for, and the content customers you consistently create!

1602, 2011

A Hearty Party

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In an age of over-the-top holiday expenditures that can sometimes eclipse the loving-spirit, Jorve was looking for a way to celebrate with some sort of warm heart activity. Jake suggested and organized a card-making party here at the office and set-up our big table with everything from markers and crayons to stickers and candies. You could say that the kids came for the card-making, but stayed for the candies!

All the kids had a great time making cards for friends and family. At one point several kids started requesting that we play some music. The volume went up on our old FM radio and so did the energy level of those kids –singing and dancing in the Jorve conference room!  Hilarious.

Well, Valentine’s Day came and went, and so did the children from Kids R Us Daycare. We’re looking forward to the next time we can have another party with our neighbors!

202, 2011

Just What You Need…

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This happy face belongs to Justin Mak. He’s been an outstanding Jorve field representative for over seven years now. Furthermore, he’s a husband, a father of two kids, a soccer player, and a coach. Born and raised in Redmond, Justin now has a roof over his head in Renton. In his spare time, you may find Justin coaching soccer for his… 12 year-old daughter, volunteering or maybe even playing in a soccer match of his own. Justin has the amazing skill of being able to find the time for himself, his family, and his customers …. no matter what. Regardless of which day of the week it is, day or night, don’t be surprised to see Justin out taking care of an existing Jorve customer or a potential future friend of Jorve. He believes in not only getting things done in a timely fashion with care, but most importantly, in doing them right from the beginning. Thank you, Justin, for your dedication to the company and to those Jorve friends you so naturally serve!
2901, 2011

Let a Skylight Shed Light on Any Situation…

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“Anyone’s life truly lived consists of work, sunshine, exercise, plenty of fresh air, and a happy contented spirit.” — Lillie Langtry

This week on the Blackmore job in Seattle, Jorve is installing a custom 14 panel ridge-over skylight with operable panels as a part of the roofing project. When completed, our work will result in not only a great roof, but plenty of interior sunshine, fresh air and a happy contented homeowner spirit.

Interior daylighting can include standard skylights with finished shafts, custom structural units, skywalls and even simple light tunnels such as Solatubes*. We’ve never met a customer who didn’t love having made the decision to bring natural light into their home; let the sunshine in! 

* for more information on Solatubes, check out www.solatube.com

2101, 2011

Bob Really Likes Us!

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“I know what professionals look like, and the crew on my roof right now – they’re professionals.” — Bob, Matthews Beach, Seattle.

Bob is originally from Long Island, NY and is now renting the house his daughter (who lives up the street) owns here in Seattle. Bob used to do carpentry work on boats, in his day, and stated that he definitely has an eye for quality work and professionalism. He’s a very outspoken man and was more than willing to share his feelings about the current project that Jorve was in the midst of. He’s seen a lot of construction work done; he’s done a lot of construction work; and as he said outright: “I know what professionals look like, and the crew on my roof right now — they’re professionals.”

He was so pleased with the work he was seeing, that he began documenting the process with his camera. He even decided that it was something everyone should know about and be able to see as he saw, and gave us a copy of the pictures to use as we saw fit. Feel free to peruse Bob’s photos that were taken while William and his crew tore off the old roof and put the new one on!

1401, 2011

“Jorve started a couple days ago and have still been coming out even with the rain. They got all the materials up on the roof today and even had the time to help my wife carry her groceries into the house from the car. They’re really nice people.” — Mr. Erlandsen, North Seattle

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